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A wonderful house in Allenhurst, NJ had a horrible heating system. This 13,500 sq/ft home was heated with eight air to air heat pump systems. Not the best systems for this part of the country. The home never felt quite warm enough and running the systems cost a small fortune in the cold weather.

We were contracted to remedy this situation.

We did this with a four boiler modular system design and hydronic heating coils installed in the existing heat pump air handlers. With natural gas fired boilers, we were able to raise the system temperatures by 40%, while dropping the fuel consumption by 30%. During the milder spring and fall months, when less heat is needed, a Techmar boiler control system cycles the boilers as needed, lowering fuel consumption even further.

Some years after the initial installation, a snow melt system was added during a driveway renovation. With radiant tubing under the driveway pavers and the addition of a heat exchanger and a second Techmar control, the system is fully automatic. While the neighbors are shoveling out their driveways, our client is simply enjoying his morning coffee.

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